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About Us


Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Senior Neurosurgeon Director

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

India's Leading Centre of Neuroscience.

Axon centre treats hundreds of adults and children each year, including emergencies as well as those with complex or rare ailments of nervous system.

The Axon Centre of Neuroscience is one of the leading and most comprehensive neurological practice centre in northern India. It handles patients with epilepsy, movement disorders, dementias and other cognitive conditions, stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, neuro-oncology, multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders, autoimmune neurology, pediatric neurology, neurorehabilitation, headache, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve and sleep disorder. 

We offer advanced diagnostics and treatments for brain tumors, spinal disorders, stroke, trauma , epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. While our team keeps track of the state-of-the-art research for brain and spinal diseases and treatments followed worldwide, our neurosurgeons are involving new methods of minimally invasive procedures to greatly reduce recovery times and optimize your health. In turn, our patients receive the most advanced care available.

Having all this expertise in a single place, focused on you, means that you're not just getting one opinion. Our motto; our patient, our priority, pushes us to focus our efforts to patient centralized approach. Every patient is handled as individual and new case and care is planned accordingly. Your care is discussed among the team, your test results are available quickly, and appointment schedules are coordinated. Highly specialized experts are working together for you. What might take weeks or even months to accomplish elsewhere can typically be done in a matter of days at Axon Centre.

Neuro-rehabilitation services are also provided to chronic neurological disorders at Axon Centre of Neuroscience, with both in patients and outdoor treatment. Clinical nutritionist guides our patients for their proper dietary needs.


So rest assured we’ll be taking care of your near and dear ones.

Axon Centre of Neuroscience
Reliable. Professional. Friendly.

Meet the Team Axon

Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Senior Neurosurgeon,

A competent Neurosurgeon with a compassionate heart and a distinguished attitude to serve the people. He has Expert skills sharpened with International patient exposure and an experience of more than 800 major surgeries.

Dr. Manisha Sharma
Director Pharma,

A qualified professional with a comprehensive expertise built over 15 years in Healthcare sector. Apart from being the Director of Aadhya Pharmacy, she is also involved in establishing the Quality Standards of the Hospital.

Mr. Peeyush Sharma
Managing Director,

Acquaintance with 15 plus yrs of leading the Marketing divisions of World’s Top MNC's, He’s now spearheading Operations and Marketing for Axon. He aims to lead the hospital towards International standards with ‘Our Patients Our Priority’ approach.

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Dr. Karamveer Chaudhary
MBBS MS Orthopedic
Dr. Darshana Chaudhary
IVF Specialist Laparoscopic
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-20 at
Ms. Swati Changani
Clinical Nutritionist
Ms. Nisha Soni
Front Office Incharge
Mr. Lalaram
Incharge- Radiology Department
Mr. Arun Mehta &
Mr. Narendra Choudhary
Team Diagnostic Centre,

ICU Incharge

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