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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule medical appointments with a specialist at Axon?
    You or your attendant can book an appointment either online through our website via 'Book an Appointment' page or by calling to the Center's helpdesk, directly. Alternatively, you can fill in the form available in the Contact section of our website.
  • When making a medical appointment what information must I provide?
    You should try to provide relevant information on your medical condition to be studied beforehand by our specialists.
  • Will someone guide me on the duration and cost of treatments?
    Definitely. Once you have consulted the appropriate specialist, our Relationship Manager will give you a complete plan on the approximate length of stay at the hospital, if required, and the total cost of the treatment, along with the necessary pre/post treatment care.
  • What are the registration formalities in case of surgery at the Axon Center of Neuroscience?
    You are required to furnish a copy of your social identity i.e. Aadhar Card or Passport etc. along with a detailed documentation done at the premises of the Axon Center.
  • What is the fee structure, and for how many days it is valid?"
    For Normal OPD - 500/- For Emergency OPD - 800/- Valid for 5 Days
  • Can online consultation be done ?
    Yes, in order to book please call us at 91-7878123482
  • What are the payment options?
    Wire Transfer: Transfer money directly from your bank account to Axon Centre of Neuroscience's account. Send us the scanned copy of the money transfer receipt; this will be used to help you settle your bill. On discharge, any excess amount will be refunded to you and any shortfall will have to be paid in cash. Kindly note, - We will send you our bank details on request - The transferred amount cannot be used for bill settlement unless you provide us with a copy of the wire transfer receipt Direct payment: At the hospital: pay your hospital bill at the hospital directly through cash, card, or traveller’s cheques Kindly note, we accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER Card, AMEX and CIRRUS.
  • Who will co-ordinate with online consultation?
    You can talk to our representative Ms. Nisha Soni at 91- 7878123402
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