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Head Injury


The best care

Head injuries are fatal injuries and time is the key in outcome. Timely management with proper supervision and necessary action can change the outcome in severe head injuries. In hospital, after receiving them in emergency, they are stabilized and primary treatment is administered. 
Usually a CT scan is done within first few minutes of hospital arrival, based on patient clinical condition. Post CT scan surgery or medical management is decided, family members are counseled and patient is moved to OR or ICU. 
Investigations are repeated as per patient clinical condition. A comprehensive care plan is prepared on the day of admission and modifications are done as per patient neurological status. 
We insist on a regular family meeting for clinical updates, as we support transparency in care. Once patient is shifted to ward, rehabilitation is also planned and care takers are being involved actively. Continuation of care is followed up to home. 
With discharging more than 5000 critical patients over past few years, with more then 90 % success rate Team Axon is well trained in handling on all critical patients. 

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